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CallnFax Announces
Local Dialing
in 45 Countries!

CallnFax now offers Local Dialing in 45 Countries.

No matter where your Call Center is located, you can now dial your outbound calls just as if you were in-country.

We offer True Local Calling with all of the benefits:

  • Highest Call Delivery Rates
  • Full CNAM Support
  • True Carrier Direct Connections
  • 45 Great Locations (see Below)
  • All for our Amazing Rates!


Get Landline Quality Calls Anywhere

CallnFax delivers perfect-quality call termination to any phone in the world

CallnFax, VoIP at the Speed of Business phone-call Outbound Calling  Fantastic Rates

CallnFax Termination rates are some of the most competitive in the industry. Check out our Great Rates below with our Rate Finder. Starting at USD $0.0036 with many locations under USD $0.01 per minute!


CallnFax, VoIP at the Speed of Business phone-call Outbound Calling  All Premium Routes

Say goodbye to dropped calls and poor sound quality with CallnFax. CallnFax A-Z Termination provides crystal clear audio, so you never have to worry about your call quality again.


CallnFax, VoIP at the Speed of Business phone-call Outbound Calling

Local Calling

CallnFax offers Local Calling to 45 Countries! With a purchase of a virtual number in one of the Local Dialing Countries, you can make local calls to that country, regardless of where you are located!

CallnFax, VoIP at the Speed of Business phone_call Outbound Calling

Dial Globally, Connect Locally!

It’s getting harder, and harder to get calls delivered with Voice over IP. SPAM calls have made call delivery more challenging.

Many VoIP providers offer cheap termination rates through low-quality, grey routes, that appear attractive until you try to make a call. CallnFax utilizes only Platinum-Quality Outbound Termination routes with full CLI support. With reliable termination routes, full CLI support, and E164 Caller ID propagation, successful call delivery is maximized with CallnFax Outbound Calls!

CallnFax, VoIP at the Speed of Business customer_support_400 Outbound Calling

Making Calls with CallnFax

Our A-Z Termination starts with a registered SIP connection to the CallnFax service. Users receive setup details after registration.

We support most SIP-enabled endpoints, such as Voice Servers, PBX, VoIP Phones, Softphones, and more.

The CallnFax Dashboard allows users to compile and export detailed usage reports.

Getting started with CallnFax and making your first call is simple. No complicated API integrations, no complex coding, and great customer support 24/7/365!

CallnFax uses a modified asterisk platform that delivers crystal-clear, landline-quality phone calls. Registering your server, softphone, or PBX with CallnFax is simple. Registering your SIP Trunk follows the time-tested asterisk-based setup, for quick and easy setup. 

You can read our FAQ’s, HERE

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Search Our Fantastic Outbound Rates:

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Outbound Calling Services Customer Care

CallnFax prides itself on long-term relationships. Our clients receive the personal service that helps drive your business to success. Each client has a dedicated service representative, and we invite you to reach out to us for support.

Our motto is “Every Call Must Complete!”

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