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A-Z Termination, or Outbound Calling Service?

CallnFax offers high-quality outbound voice service to virtually every city & every country. We utilize only high-quality, low-latency, full CLI routings, to deliver landline quality from anywhere, to anywhere. With 6-second billing, you get great voice quality, at a fantastic price!

Scalable SIP Trunks

Inward Dialing

DID’s from almost Everywhere!

CallnFax boasts an inventory of local, mobile, and Toll-Free telephone numbers from virtually everywhere. We cover Australia & New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Africa, and The Americas.

Our network infrastructure redundancy assures your calls are delivered with the absolute best in voice quality. Most orders are delivered in a few minutes, and calls begin to flow to your servers at once. Traffic can be scaled upwards very quickly, usually in just a few minutes (in most markets). With no long-term contracts and speedy deployment, CallnFax is the perfect choice for campaigns, meetings, sales, or any business needing immediate, reliable, and scalable incoming phone service.

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What are SIP Trunks?

SIP Trunking from CallnFax delivers a secured connection between your server and CallnFax. Our AnyCast DNS means fast lookup, minimal post-dial delay, and landline quality. You can easily manage your calls, get reports, top-up your acocunt, and much more using the CallnFax Dashboard.
Inbound Calling Services - Outbound Calling Services

Outbound Calling Services Customer Care

CallnFax prides itself on long-term relationships. Our clients receive the personal service that helps drive your business to success. Each client has a dedicated service representative, and we invite you to reach out to us for support.

Our motto is “Every Call Must Complete!”

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