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CallnFax - VoIP at the Speed of Business

CallnFax delivers telecom quality Origination & Termination
for Enterprise, Call Centers & Carriers

We offer great rates, while delivering the highest quality
of service needed to make your business shine!


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CallnFax is a Business First company, designed to deliver the quality & services that business needs.
We offer the widest range of Call Origination & Termination services to serve business & carriers.
Our customer dashboard facilitates management of your account & service.

CallnFax Services:

Volume Origination, from 100 to 100 channels from USD $1.00 per channel

Virtual Telephone Numbers from almost everywhere, Local, National, Mobile, and Toll Free coverage

Add IVR, Call Queues, Ring Groups, Voicemail, Inbound Fax & Other valuable features to Virtual Numbers

Discount A-Z termination with RAPID call completion & Carrier Quality audio

Manage Invoices & pay by credit card or PayPal

 Call Origination


CallnFax delivers the best in Call Origination,
 known as Direct Inward Dialing (DID) or Virtual Telephone.

You can purchase an incoming telephone number in almost any city.
Our coverage spans 60 countries & thousands of cities. Most locations cost around $10 monthly.
Taking your business global has never been easier. Each DID comes with a full PBX with advanced call routing.

Call Origination Services & Features:

High Volume DID's with 100 to 1000 channels
Standard 2 Channel DID's
Extensive Toll-Free Service
Drag & Drop Call Flow Routing

CallnFax is focused on high-density call centers,
who require the infrastructure & technical ability
to deliver in high-demand environments. Visit our DID page...


A-Z Termination

A-Z International call termination is less expensive than ever.
Save 70% or more on international calls. Save when traveling & save on mobile calls.
We deliver carrier quality, fast connections & easy management from our secure dashboard.
Make calls from home & business, PC's & mobiles and anywhere with an internet connection (WiFi or LAN).


Termination from CallnFax:

Hundreds of locations less than $0.009 cents per minute
Choose 2 rate decks, Standard or Premium routes
Call anywhere you have access to the internet - WiFi or LAN
Manage your calls from our secure dashboard
Fast call completion
Programmable caller ID


Call Origination

Call Origination

Call origination delivers the world to you & your business. Your business can have a local telephone presence with global Virtual Telephone numbers (DID's). 

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Call Termination

Call Termination

CallnFax has the best rates and quality for international calls. Choose standard (high quality) or premium (highest quality) voice termination routes. Call most landlines for around 1 cent per minute.

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Call Features

 CallnFax has a wide range of programming and call features. Our Visual Call Flow builder, allows users to build complex and easily changeable call routing and automated answering rules. 

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