Setting the Standard for Outbound Call Termination

Outbound Call Termination from CallnFax sets an Industry Standard for how Outbound Calls are made!

Outbound call termination
Outbound call termination

Outbound Call Termination Features

Local-Direct Calls

Leveraging our carrier connections and DID's, customers can make calls to 45 counties, as True Local Calls! Traditional VoIP can only deliver International calls.

International Premium

CallnFax International Dialing utilizes only Premium routes, delivering crystal-clear voice quality, low post-dial latency, and full Caller ID support.

Minimal Latency

For Call and Contact Centers, having agents waiting for calls to complete translates into waste. With our Premium routing and carrier-direct connections, latency is minimized.

Landline Voice

Our Premium routing ensures that your call quality is always the absolute best. Our network redundancy, AnyCast DNS, and robust connectivity keep you connected during busy times!

Local-Direct Locations

Local-Direct Calls

What's The Benefit?

Local-Direct from CallnFax delivers your calls as a Local Call, regardless of where you are located. Rather than being delivered as an International call, your call arrives with a Local Caller ID, right from the Local Carrier.

Maximizing Call Success!

Getting your call successfully delivered, and answered is much harder in today's times. SPAM calls are a real problem, and carriers often mistake real calls as SPAM. With our Local-Direct feature, your call success is mazimized!

How to get this feature?

Purchase an Inbound DID from one of our 45 Local-Direct locations, and use the Caller ID when making your call to ensure your call gets routed Directly through the local carrier. Your call arrives with a Local Caller ID, as well.

Does it cost extra?

CallnFax Local-Direct Outbound Call Termination doesn't have any additional charges, other than purchasing a DID from one of our Local-Direct locations.

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Your questions answered

Common questions

CallnFax Outbound Termination bills at 6-second intervals.

CallnFax utilizes SIP Trunking for your connectivity. For Centers with static IP addresses, your SIP Truk is locked down to your IP address for extra security.

The CallnFax secure Dashboard displays full Call Detail Records (CDR’s), your SIP Trunk status, active calls, and much more useful information.

CallnFax is a Pre-Paid platform, and customers need to keep a positive balance to make and receive calls. Your Digital Wallet can easily be topped up, and you can set notifications to ensure a positive balance is maintained.

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