Scalable SIP Trunks

CallnFax is a master in delivering Global Scalable SIP Trunks

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Scalable Voice Solutions

Eliminate customers getting a busy signal, when calling your business. With CallnFax Scalable Voice Solutions, you can quickly scale up your channel capacity to meet essentially every need!

Channel Capacity

Channel capacity means the number of simultaneous calls that your Virtual Number (DID) can support.

Our Scalability

Our Toll-Free numbers come with 300 channels standard, and our Local, National, and Mobile numbers come with 2 channels. Our DID's can be scaled up to 1000 channels, usually in just minutes!

Scale Up & Down, Meeting Your Needs!

Scale your DID Up or Down, depending on your needs. Scale upwards during sales, promotions, whatever!

Secure SIP Trunks
from CallnFax

SIP Trunks are the lifeline connection from your Server, PBX, or Call Center, to the CallnFax Network. These qualified connections ensure your call always get routed correctly.

Network Security

Network Security is a critical component of a good VoIP connection. We lock down your connection to ensure your security.

Monitored Connectivity

Knowing your connection status is a key component for your Call Center. Connect to the CallnFax Dashboard, and you can monitor SIP trunking and connectivity.

Global SIP Trunks

CallnFax SIP Trunking deliver that all important connection from your location, to the CallnFax Network.

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