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Global DID’s, your choice of Local, National, Mobile & Toll-Free Solutions

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Inbound Call Solutions
Inbound Call solutions

Local DID's

CallnFax offers the widest selection of Local, National, and Mobile DID's from just about everywhere! Most Local numbers have No Per-Minute charges with no usage restrictions.


Busy signals are bad for business. They result in lost sales, inefficient use of staff time, and degraded company trust. CallnFax DID's come standard with 2 channels, and are scalable to 1000 in most locations.

Toll-Free DID's

CallnFax has an unmatched inventory of Global Toll-Free DID's. These DID's come with 300 channels standard, and are scalable to 1000 channels.

Flat-Fee Solutions

Our competitors offer DID's that initially appear attractive, but when you figure in the per-minute charges, the attractiveness disappears, quickly. Our Local DID's have no per-minute costs, greatly reducing your monthly fees.

Flat-Fee Flat-Rate Inbound Call Solutions

Below, is a table of 3 popular competitors and the monthly cost of receiving 10,000 minutes of calls. 

CallnFax saves companies real money with our Flat-Rate, Flat-Fee pricing.

Cost Savings Model

We removed per-minute charges, to Boost Your Profits!


Our Local, National, and Mobile DID's have No Per-Minute charges, no restrictions on the number of used minutes, Period!

No Restrictions

With our Business-Forward inbound call solutions, you pay the same amount, regardless of the number of minutes of calls that you receive.

Local Numbers

CallnFax has the largest inventory of global virtual numbers (DID's). With immediate provisioning, and with great technical support.

Number Portability

Ready to switch to a better carrier? We are ready, and you can port your current numbers to us for a seamless transition.

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CallnFax Cloud PBX

Routing Inbound Calls

With our Cloud PBX, routing your calls is quick, simple and intuitive:


Interactive Voice Responses (IVR's), are the most important method to route your inbound call traffic. Our Cloud PBX makes configuring your call flow quick, simple, and reliable.

Call Queues

Call Queues are the bridge between your inbound call flow and your answering agents. CallnFax makes configuring and monitoring your call queues straightforward.

Ring Groups

With our scalable inbound DID's, make sure your callers get connected fast, without busy signals, or poor call quality. Ring Groups keep you in control of your call flow.


Voicemail is an important component of 24/7/365 continuous contact. CallnFax Cloud PBX delivers Message-to-Email, configurable voicemail options, and time-conditions to facilitate connectivty.

Simple Management

CallnFax Cloud PBX is intuitive, reliable, and versatile, ensuring your inbound calls get routed exactly per your requirements. Simple setup, and simple customization mean customers always get the results they need.

Your Announcements

The CallnFax Cloud PBX supports GSM recordings to be uploaded for your call flow. With time-conditions, you can quickly configure your announcements for 24/7 auto-attendants.

Your questions answered

Common questions

With Free Local Number Portability, switching your service to CallnFax is simple. With a no-downtime switchover, you won’t lose any calls!

CallnFax DID’s are scalable to match the needs of your company. We can quickly scale up your channels during sales and promotions, and you still get our flat-rate fees, reliability, and No Busy Signals!

Channels refer to the number of incoming calls a virtual number DID can support, simultaneously. Our Local, National, and Mobile DID’s come with 2 channels, and our Toll-Free solutions come with 300 channels, standard.

The CallnFax Cloud PBX is free and includes all of the services detailed above, and includes up to 10 SIP Users. For customers requiring greater connectivity, we are happy to deliver a customized solution to meet your needs.

CallnFax supports SIP Trunks to ensure reliable connectivity. You can easily monitor your connections via our secure Dashboard.

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