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Our flexible, creative solutions are made to meet your communication needs and help you succeed in the global market of today.

With CallnFax, your business can leverage over a decade of reliability, low cost, and industry-leading customer service.

Global SIP Trunks


CallnFax eliminates the need for time consuming and expensive coding. Our Voice and Video solutions are “Plug & Play” and require no API integrations, updating, or embarrasing downtime!


CallnFax delivers extremely low-latency calls, with an average latency of 0.2 seconds. Our Tier 1 connectivity, low-hop routings, and carrier-neutral technology means your calls connect lightening fast!


Our Inbound Virtual Numbers may be quickly scaled to meet your needs. Depending upon the market, Our virtual numbers may be scaled up to 1000 channels, and with our Flat-Rate, Flat-Fee options your company will save money!


CallnFax has been delivering the highest reliability Voice solutions since 2009. Our platform delivers near 100% reliability, utilizing all platinum grade routes, with full Caller ID support.


Our Customer Care Team delivers true Customer Service, where you can reach a real person. CallnFax does not replace the importance of reaching a real person with a bot.

Let's Take A Closer Look
At Our Great Services:

cost saving outbound calls

Call Origination

CallnFax offers the widest range of Inbound call services. With Local, National, Mobile, and Toll-Free options, covering the entire globe, we have a solution right for you.

One of the most unique features of Callnfax is our Flat-Rate service. No more per-minute charges for Inbound calls, saving your company hundreds or thousands of dollars, euros, pesos, etc.

cost saving outbound calls

Global Outbound

Outbound call termination from CallnFax saves your company around 70% off traditional landline and mobile carriers.

With 6-second billing, CallnFax delivers much more than just low-cost calls. With lightening fast connections, crystal clear call quality, and full Caller ID support.

cost saving outbound calls

Secure SIP

Our SIP Trunk service delivers a robust, monitored, and secured connection with our Tier 1 system. This ensures a reliable connection that is protected by IP Lockdown and strong User/PW authentication. 

Our multi-pronged security is the best choice to mitigate theft and intrusion.

Cost Effective Video Solutions

Affordable Video Conferencing and Meetings Solutions

Businesses of all kinds now use video conferencing all the time. Remote work and virtual meetings are becoming more popular, so it’s important to have a reliable and safe video conferencing app. CallnFax has a full-featured video conferencing and meeting solution that gives you everything you expect, at a lower price than our competitors, and no long-term contracts.

Our Features:

  • Secure Encryption: With secure encryption, CallnFax makes sure that your meetings are as safe and private as possible.
  • Meeting Recording: CallnFax’s easy-to-use recording tool lets you record and save your important meetings.
  • Moderator Control with Meeting Lobby: With moderator control and meeting lobby, you can keep your events well-run and safe.
  • Whiteboard: Use CallnFax’s virtual whiteboard to work successfully with your team.
  • Screen Sharing: It’s easy to share your screen during meetings so that everyone can work together well.
  • Chat: Use CallnFax’s chat tool to talk to your team members without stopping the meeting.
  • Mobile App: CallnFax has a mobile app for both iOS and Android that lets you join meetings on the go.

The Cost? US $9.95/Month!

scalable solutions for call centers

A Dedicated Team, to join Your Dedicated team!

We know how much work and effort it takes to make a business function effectively.
At CallnFax, our motto is to become a dedicated member of Your Team!

CallnFax delivers profit-driving communications tools to meet today’s global business challenges.

Need more information? Contact us today to find out how CallnFax can improve your business!

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CallnFax Customer Service

The Service that makes the difference!

CallnFax prides itself on long-term relationships. Our clients receive the personal service that helps drive your business to success. Each client has a dedicated service representative, and we invite you to reach out to us for support.

Our motto is “Every Call Must Complete!”

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