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Compare our solutions, price, reliability, and customer service to our competitors, and the answer is always clear:

CallnFax delivers the best solutions!

Wholesale VoIP Solutions

Call Origination

Our Flat-Rate Inbound Call Solutions cover the globe, save money, and make your business look amazing!

Scalable SIP Trunks

Busy signals mean lost sales and lost productivity. Scalable Voice Solutions from CallnFax eliminates busy signals!

Global Toll-Free Solutions

Toll-Free phone numbers convey trust to any business. CallnFax has the widest selection to fit your needs.

Call Termination

With 6-second billing, Local SIP Trunks to 45 countries, and low rates, CallnFax is your Clear Choice!

Your questions answered

Common questions

CallnFax Inbound Call Origination means no per-minute fees for our Local, National, and Mobile DID’s. With no restrictions or “fair use policies”, even with a million minutes per month (or more), your cost is the same. Our competitors simply can’t match this advantage!

Channels are the number of simultaneous calls a Virtual Phone Number (DID) can handle. Our Local, National, and Mobile DID’s come standard with 2 channels, and can be scaled to 1000 channels.

Our Toll-Free DID’s come with 300 channels, standard, and can be scaled to 1000 channels.

Classically, VoIP calls are all routed via International Call Routes. With SPAM filters and SPAM callers, getting your call answered can be challenging. Local-Direct service delivers your call as a Local Call using direct routing to the local carrier!

This means Enhanced Voice Quality, Local Caller ID Display, and Enhanced Call Delivery!

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