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Some of the
Great Rates
From CalllnFax

Call Origination

Local, National & Mobile Service:
-United Kingdom $6.35
-United States $6.15
-Japan $10.30
-Germany $6.16

This includes two-channels and No Per-Minute Charges.
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Outbound Call
Termination Rates
CallnFax Termination uses only Premium Routes,
with true 6-second billing, and some of the lowest rates in the industry:

-USA, Canada, Peru $0.0068
-Colombia, Italy, Norway $0.0085
-Brazil $0.01
All Great Rates!

CallnFax offers Local Calling in 45 Countries!
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SIP Trunks
CallnFax offers Local
SIP Trunks to 45 Countries!

Connect Global & Dial Local
with CallnFax SIP Trunks

With Landline quality calls, full CNAM support, and Local Calls to 45 Counties, CallnFax
Stands Out from the competition!
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Video Conferencing

Video Meetings from CallnFax
Delivers All the Features you expect
At about a 30% Savings!

For $9.95 Per Month, you get:

Secure Meetings
Up to 100 participants
Screenshare, Recording, Chat, and More...
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Global Call Origination

Premium Call Termination

Local SIP Trunks

Global Virtual
Phone Service

Local, Mobile, National and Toll-Free phone service across the globe.
With Flat-Rate Billing, Local Dialing, Most Extensive Coverage, and Best Reliability,
CallnFax is THE BEST choice for Call Origination

  • Flat-Rate Billing without limits
  • Landline Quality Calls
  • Widest Selection of Locations
  • Fast Provisioning
  • Cloud PBX Included

  • Call

    Global Outbound Calls

    Outbound Calling or Call Termination allows customers to make outbound calls
    to essentially any telephone number on the planet,
    for far less cost than traditional phone service.
    CallnFax Outbound calls can be made from your PBX, server, or mobile device
    and we utilize the standard SIP protocol for all calls.

    Getting setup with CallnFax is simple, quick, and in most cases takes just a few minutes.
    CallnFax utilizes all Platinum routes, so your important business call gets crystal clear voice quality, fast connections,
    and Local Calling to 45 Countries! No matter where your Call Center or Business is located.

    CallnFax’s strengths are obvious; Great Rates, Local Calling, Flat-Rate Options, and the Best Quality.

    Why CallnFax is your Best Choice for Call Termination:
    Highly Competitive Rates
    Fast Call Connections
    Crystal-Clear Audio
    Local Calling

    CallnFax uses only Premium Routes with full Caller ID support


    Local SIP Trunks

    CallnFax offers a feature unique in our industry; Local SIP Trunks!
    Our Connect Global, Dial Local feature allows subscribers in 45 countries to Dial Locally even when located Outside of the country.
    This premium feature delivers enhanced voice quality, speedy connections, and Local Caller ID support!

    CallnFax offers tremendous scalability of our Virtual Phone Service.
    Most Local, Mobile, and National DID's are expandable to 1000 channels, from the standard 2 channels.
    Our Toll-Free phone service comes with 300 channels in most locations.

    CallnFax offers Flat-Rate Billing as Standard for most Local, Mobile,
    and National Inbound phone service. Regardless of how many minutes
    Your monthly bill remains the same, saving you and your
    company hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.

    What are the benefits of CallnFax SIP Trunks:

    Local Calls to 45 Countries
    Premium Call Routing with local CNAM
    Qualified AnyCast DNS for Flawless Reliability
    Cloud PBX for Call Routing



    Video Conferencing

    Fully-Featured Video Conferencing and Meetings, But at a better price!

    Secure Encryption
    Meeting Recording
    Moderator Control with Meeting Lobby
    Whiteboard Screen Sharing
    Chat Feature
    Mobile App

    Remote working is a daily matter in everyday business.
    CallnFax delivers all the features that you expect, with no long-term commitments,
    and at a great price. CallnFax offers a Video Conferencing platform that
    delivers everything you expect but at a better price.

    USD $9.95 Monthly

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