Global Voice Services Scalable to 1000 channels

From 2 to 1000 channels, CallnFax delivers enterprise capable scalability.

Worldwide Call Origination

Our inventory of Direct Inward Dialing numbers (DID's) offers the widest selection possible!

Highest Quality A-Z Termination

We deliver ONLY high-quality termination routes at the best price

Reliability & Quality Service Since 2009!

CallnFax was established in 2009,with the goal of delivring the absolute BEST in Voice services.

Worldwide Voice Services to almost 500 Countries

Best Quality in Voice Services

CallnFax Delivers

World-Class Contact Center Service since 2009

CallnFax was established in 2009 to facilitate global commerce. No matter where your company was located, a local phone presence was just a few clicks away. Since our beginning, our service has expanded to offer Local, Mobile, and Toll-Free services to essentially everywhere. We stand out in a busy market by our scalability, reliability, and customer service


Our Contact Center Voice Services


Choose from Local, Mobile, and Toll-Free Voice Services

CallnFax offers the widest inventory of local, mobile, and Toll-Free numbers, in essentially every city and country.
Callnfax Delivers!

No long-term commitments and a wide product choice

With no long-term contracts, and an extensive inventory of flat-rate products, there is no better ROI than scalable service from CallnFax!

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    CallnFax has been delivering the highest quality Voice over IP services since 2009. We value long-term relationships, and our commitment to the highest quality customer service is our motto!