A Winning Business Model with Voice over IP from CallnFax

Create A Winning Business
Model with CallnFax


Confused about how to create a winning business model for your voice solution?

In this guide, we will show you how to create a winning business model with Voice solutions from CallnFax.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an effective and reliable way for Businesses and Call Centers to expand their client and sales reach, increase services, improve customer service, and save money. With so many vendors competing for customers, it is important to be able to understand how to choose the right vendor for your business model. In this article, we will provide guidance to help you make the right choice.

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Concepts in Focus:

In this article, we are going to focus on the following concepts:


Call Quality

Fast Connections

Simplicity of Maintenance

Flat-Rate Call Origination

Platinum Termination Routes

Quality Customer Service

Concepts we rejected: CallnFax is designed for International Business, Call and Contact Centers, and Enterprises that manage larger call volumes, and expect the highest call quality and reliability. To address these requirements, we rejected the idea of outbound “grey routes”, inbound virtual numbers with per-minute charges, and platforms that require extensive programming, API integrations, and constant maintenance.


We rejected the usage of so-called VoIP grey routes because of the lack of reliability. On the surface, they appear to save money. However, they are plagued with poor sound quality, long Post-Dial Delays (PDD), and dropped calls. This kind of poor quality is not appropriate for our customers, as they demand landline quality phone calls. Complicating matters for the worse is a lack of reliable Caller ID propagation.

Why is Caller ID critical for outbound calls? Call deliverability! In today’s reality, phone calls without a valid Caller ID simply won’t connect. The receiving phone carrier will likely block these calls, interpreting them as SPAM calls. Because SPAM calls have become such a ubiquitous problem, local carriers will not deliver calls that lack the authentication of a properly configured Caller ID. VoIP grey routes notoriously lack this authentication and what seemed like a good price turns into lost business for your company. CallnFax utilizes only Platinum quality routes with 100% Caller ID propagation.

CallnFax loves Inbound Virtual Telephone numbers. In fact, this is the heart of our business. We offer virtual telephone numbers from virtually every location, in every city, and in every country. What sets our business model apart from the competition is our Flat-Rate service. Our local, national, and mobile numbers have no per-minute charges. That means regardless of the number of calls your virtual telephone number receives, you still pay the same amount.

In this article, we rejected the option of inbound call origination service (virtual telephone numbers) that has per-minute charges. They have a base monthly rate that looks attractive, but the per-minute costs add up quickly. In fact, our flat-rate option becomes a huge money-saver for even smaller companies, with lower volumes of calls. CallnFax does not have “fair use policies” either. Our company is focused on high call volumes, and we don’t limit your inbound call traffic, at all. Flat-Rate calling is a major cost-saving difference and is a strong selling point for our company.

We also rejected vendor options that require a large investment in coding, integration, and long-term maintenance. Our clients need phone service, and not a dedicated IT Team to keep your calls flowing. CallnFax Voice Solutions are essentially “Plug & Play”, and maintenance and updating is left to our IT department.


The CallnFax platform specializes in solutions that:

Utilize the highest quality Outbound Routes

Optimize Flat-Rate Virtual Call Origination

Deliver Plug & Play Solutions

Require Minimal Maintenance

Offer the Widest Selection of Services 

Platinum Quality Outbound Call Termination: Making telephone calls is referred to in the industry as “Call Termination”. A few years back, it was as simple as just dialing numbers and you would expect your call to be connected. 

Call spammers have become more than just a nuisance. They are thieves looking to separate you from your money. A call arrives on your phone, with a Caller ID that looks legitimate, but it is anything but legitimate. Many unsuspecting people have been the victims of these scammers. 

Recently, in an attempt to stop this kind of abuse and thievery, local carriers will not deliver calls that lack a legitimate Caller ID. CallnFax gets your calls delivered by utilizing termination routes that support Caller ID, and our virtual telephone numbers are all legitimate and registered so when your Caller ID is sent, your call gets delivered.

Our Platinum routes deliver landline quality voice, with little to any risk of disconnection. The good news doesn’t stop there. Post-Dial Delay is a little talked about value, but it is very important. Post Dial Delay, or PDD, is the time lapse from when the call is sent, to the time that the phone starts ringing on the other end. In industry terms, 7 seconds is the threshold before PDD is considered too long.

At CallnFax, our average PDD is 0.02 seconds, making ours one of the lowest in the industry. How does a 6-second advantage make CallnFax stand out from the VoIP crowd? The numbers tell the story. If your Call Center has 50 agents making 30 outbound calls per hour, 6 seconds of time savings add up very quickly. This means when purchasing call termination service, you have to take a deeper look beyond the quoted price.

scalable voice solutions

Flat-Rate Call Origination and Virtual Numbers:

Call Origination is the industry term for receiving a phone call and is also referred to as inbound incoming telephone calls. These types of calls use virtual telephone numbers. A virtual telephone number is a truly very powerful tool. Traditionally, you were restricted to a telephone number that was in your geographic area.

For example, if your business was located in London, you received a London telephone number, if your business was located in San Francisco; you received a number from San Francisco, etc., etc., etc. With virtual telephone numbers, you can obtain a telephone number from essentially anywhere in the world. This meant that you could expand your business to another city or country without opening a physical location, improve customer service, and eliminate long-distance charges for customers when they call your business.

Another example, your business in Singapore has many clients in North America, so you purchase a virtual telephone number in New York City. Your clients call your New York number, and your phones in Singapore receive that call. The best part is no long-distance charges are generated for either party. This is the power of virtual telephone numbers.

The next powerful feature is scalability. In traditional phone service, if you wanted to receive more than 1 simultaneous phone call, you needed to purchase additional phone numbers with “rollover service”. This is expensive, and thankfully unnecessary. CallnFax specializes in scalability. Our local, national, and mobile numbers come with 2 channels standard, and most can be scaled upwards to 1000 channels. Our Toll-Free service includes 300 channels, as standard. Few companies can offer the scalability that CallnFax does, and deliver this using Tier 1 connectivity and near 100% reliability.

A feature that sets CallnFax apart from the competition is Flat-Rate service. Most virtual numbers have a per-minute fee attached to them, as well as a monthly fee. The monthly fee can be deceiving; this fee often appears enticingly low until you figure in the per-minute charge. For small businesses with minimal call volume, you can save money. However, if your business or call center receives substantial traffic, the per-minute charge really adds up fast.

CallnFax offers virtual telephone numbers with absolutely no per-minute charges. For example, our USA local numbers have a monthly flat fee of $6.15, regardless of the number of calls that you receive. We don’t insert “fair use policies” or any other kind of fine-print restrictions that limit the number of calls that you receive. The monthly charge is the same whether you receive 1000 calls or 1,000,000 calls. This type of billing can save your company a very large amount of money. One note, flat-rate billing is not available for Toll-Free service. We wrote an article about the cost-savings of flat-rate call origination, and you can find it here.

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Plug & Play Services:

Many of our competitive vendors have complex API integrations that are required to be completed before you get connected. Then, as the API changes, you have to re-code your integration.

Even if your company has a dedicated IT Team, this can still represent a substantial cost investment. CallnFax is built for simple, quick, and reliable connectivity, without any long-term maintenance. We think that your company should be able to focus on telephone calls and not complex integrations.

Our SIP Trunks are compatible with a wide range of connection types, and getting registered on our system is straightforward and extremely reliable. Once your SIP Trunk is connected, our customer Dashboard facilitates your ability to rapidly route your calls. Our Technical Team is always available to help, and if you prefer, we will do the routing for you. Try to find that kind of service from our competition! 

Reliability: Everything eventually distills down to reliability. Reliability is paramount in any communication system. If the system fails, then so do your calls. By utilizing only platinum-grade routes, and minimal hop connections, your calls travel on the most reliable methods possible. Our system uptime is essentially 100% up, and we publish our uptimes right on our customer Dashboard. Our New York based interconnect utilizes Tier 1 backbone, multi-redundant, carrier-neutral all-fiber connections for crystal clear landline voice quality, extremely low post-dial delays, and rock-solid reliability.

Meaningful Customer Service: Getting a real person and not a bot is part of the CallnFax service. In fact, we don’t use bots at all. To obtain service, a real person is available to logged-in customers, right on your secure dashboard. We have a support ticketing system that gets you directly to a support technician, in the unlikely case that something does go wrong.

CallnFax, Scalable Voice Service for Call Centers

In summary, Voice over IP is a winning combination of services, features, and cost-saving solutions. The CallnFax Team has been delivering superlative solutions since 2009, and we continue to deliver amazing products, services, and solutions to our customers. We think that VoIP is the best tool for global communications, and we are most proud to be a part of this exciting community.