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Introduction: Getting your calls answered means profits and Local Calls are much more likely to be answered than International calls from an unknown caller. With Caller ID displays present on most devices when a call arrives with a Local Caller ID and a business name, it’s more likely to be answered than an unknown international caller.

With the rise in SPAM calls and fake Caller ID’s, SPAM filtering is making it harder to deliver legitimate calls successfully. When Businesses or Call Centers make outbound calls that don’t get answered, this represents lost profits. Indeed, several losses may have occurred: reduced staff productivity, loss of a potential sale, loss of a potential collection, and even loss of a customer.

The remedy is to deliver the same call via Local Routes as a Local Call!

Route an International Call Via Local Routes, Delivered as a Local Call, and with a Local Caller ID. CallnFax Introduces Connect Globally, Dial Locally – International Calls routed and delivered as Local Calls in 45 Countries!

 Until recently, VoIP traffic was almost always directed through International routes. These calls must traverse more hops, filtering, and roadblocks before successfully reaching their destination and being answered. Filtering serves as a firewall to block fake Caller ID’s, denial of service attacks, and other security threats, and the increased number of hops results in more latency and lower call quality. Many smaller markets limit the number of International calls that can be served simultaneously due to marginal bandwidth. Getting your calls routed locally has many benefits for business-related calls; fewer failed calls, less staff wasted staffing time, improved collections, and more sales.

CallnFax focuses on the paradigm that VoIP is a profit-driving business tool that will benefit your business model. To achieve this goal, calls must be delivered in the shortest time possible, with the highest voice quality and a reliable success rate. A highly granular example is calculating the staff costs for the accumulated time associated with calls that fail, calls that go to voicemail, and calls that take a long time to connect. Then, calculate the money saved by reducing this lost time by 50%. This goal is achievable when your calls are routed via Local pathways with fewer hops and greater capacity.

In this article, we will:

Identify the benefits of Local Routing

Identify these benefits as a business model

Identify the steps necessary to gain this advantage

The Evolution of Voice Termination Services with Connect Global, Dial Local Routing:

Years before, a group of inventive engineers proposed sending voice conversations across the internet. The conversation would be inserted into packets, sent to the destination, and reassembled in real time to construct a logical two-way conversation. The first versions were buggy, unreliable, and certainly not commercially viable. However, the goal of reducing communications costs and barriers, and expanding business opportunities was sufficient motivation to solve any technical hurdles. With the introduction of broadband internet, Voice over IP became a commercially viable tool. Today, essentially all voice traffic is Voice over IP traffic as a reflection of the industry’s maturity. As with all technology, capabilities must continuously improve. Enter International Local Calling!

Until recently, VoIP Termination (Outbound Calls) traffic was only routed as International traffic. For years, this was just fine. Most calls were successful, companies saved money, and there was flexibility when sending Caller ID’s. For ethical companies, this was useful flexibility. For nefarious actors, this was an opportunity to commit fraud. Unfortunately, these bad actors created a plague of SPAM phone calls, cruelly seeking to take advantage of the innocent. The telecom industry was forced into mitigating this problem and introduced call-blocking filters seeking to reduce Caller ID fraud. Once this important, and necessary protection was implemented, getting Internationally routed VoIP calls successfully delivered became more complicated. Now, even completely legitimate VoIP calls were getting caught up in the SPAM filters, greatly increasing the rate of failed calls.

A remedy was needed to maintain the security of Local Caller ID’s and their identity, while still allowing businesses to leverage the features of IP-based voice traffic. The most logical choice was to route calls Locally, even when they arise Internationally. Connect Globally, Dial Locally was created for this purpose!

How migrating to Local Routing will benefit my Business:

International to Local call routing or Connect Global and Dial Local service offers many advantages for your business. The benefits are magnified when your business uses the phone for sales, collections, notifications, and more. The more calls that successfully connect translates into more profits. The faster those same calls reach the customer translates into less staff time, more calls per hour, and increased profits. In the simplest terms, Connect Globally and Dial Local delivers a better Return On Investment than traditional International VoIP routing.

How do I gain this advantage for my Business:

Leveraging the power of Connect Globally, Dial Locally is simple, and requires only three tasks; registering with CallnFax, purchasing a Virtual Number (DID) in one of the 45 countries offering Connect Globally, Dial Locally service (or Port In your existing numbers), use the corresponding Caller ID(s) when sending calls, and That’s All! Your calls get routed locally even when arising from an International source.

 Can I keep My Current Phone Numbers?

Keeping your phone number is one of the many benefits you receive. Porting your current phone numbers takes about a week and the switchover is seamless without losing calls.

 What Countries offer International-Local Dialing:

Currently, 45 countries offer International-Local Dialing and are included in our Connect Globally, Dial Locally service. You can view the list HERE. The combination of Local dialing, 6-second billing, low rates, and all premium routes makes Connect Globally, Dial Locally from CallnFax the best choice for Businesses, Call Centers, and much more.

The Benefits of CallnFax Voice Termination:

  • Local Calls to 45 Countries
  • Low Rates for all locations
  • 6-second billing
  • Full Caller ID Management
  • Fast Connections
  • Landline audio quality

Connect Globally and Dial Locally


Unlock the potential profits from local dialing in a global business. Register today with CallnFax, purchase your Virtual Number in any of the many countries available, and experience the unparalleled advantages of CallnFax Voice Termination. If you purchase a Virtual Number in one of the Connect Globally, Dial Locally locations, your calls will be routed as a Local Call. Your business can keep your current phone numbers, and now enjoy premium routes, 6-second billing, and stellar voice quality, ensuring your business stays ahead in the competitive landscape. Take your communications to the Next Level, where local connections transcend international boundaries, and witness your business communication thrive with CallnFax’s enhanced Voice Termination services.

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