Secure SIP Trunks

Secure & Encrypted SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks with TLS & sRTP

CallnFax is pleased to introduce an important enhancement that is immediately available for our cusomters. We are happy to announce that CallnFax now offers fully secured SIP Trunks. We now offer two options for SIP Trunking; Standard (no encryption), and Secured (TLS & sRTP) SIP Trunks.

The benefit of a secured SIP Trunk is that your traffic is encrypted to the PSTN end-point. This makes eavesdropping, interception, and most types of compromise protected. CallnFax utilizes both Network Layer (TLS) and Transport Layer (sRTP) encryption, keeping your calls secured and encrypted from the PSTN to your server.


What’s the value to my company?

Unencrypted internet traffic is subject to compromise. This is very important for voice traffic. With a fully secured and encrypted connection, your calls are protected from compromise along the entire route to and from the PSTN. Information exchanged during your conversation is fully secured, and any attacker will not be able to even identify the traffic as a voice telephone call.


How does my company get a Secured SIP Trunk?

The best part is the simplicity. If your software supports sRTP and TLS, then a secured SIP Trunk is usually only a configuration change. For example, sRTP support was added in Asterisk 1.8, and TLS was added in asterisk 1.6. Most Call Center platforms will support Secured SIP Trunking.


Does a Secure SIP Trunk cost more?

Nope. Just send us a request, and we will generate your credentials for you!

Want more Information?

Visit our web page on SIP Trunks.