Why VoIP is a Service and not a Product

VoIP is a Service and not a Product.

When choosing a VoIP company, it is important to recognize that it is a long-term commitment. Your company’s reputation and the importance of having your phone calls complete is at stake. When choosing a VoIP company, viewing your purchase as a “Service” focuses your purchase on more than just a product. A company that focuses on “Service”, rather than

Customers must evaluate the quality of that “item” as a service. Questions that should be asked before purchase are:

  • All costs in delivering the service, such as per-minute charges
  • Strength of the network, and platform delivering your calls
  • Longevity of the company
  • And, the commitment to Customer Care




CallnFax is a leading provider in Voice over IP services, and we have been a growing and successful company since 2009. Our Team and the success of the company are predicated upon our motto that VoIP is indeed a service and that every call must complete. Our clients range from healthcare, sales, manufacturing, and many more. Many of our clients have been with us for over a decade, as a testament to our commitment to service and reliability.

CallnFax recognizes the reality and fact that our clients must have 100% service uptime, the widest choice and service options, and 24/7/365 knowledgeable customer service. When our clients contact us, they receive a reply from a technical representative or sales representative. We don’t employ “bots” in place of humans! Our commitment to service begins when a prospective customer contacts us, and proceeds through the sales process, and continues as a commitment to our clients.

CallnFax focuses on Call Origination, with virtual telephone numbers (DID’s) spanning the entire globe. CallnFax virtual telephone numbers cover virtually every city, and country. While many of our competitors do the same, CallnFax offers a unique service model that differentiates us, from our competition. CallnFax offers Local, National, and Mobile DID’s with Flat-Rate, Flat-Fee pricing. That means regardless of the number of inbound calls that your Call Center receives; the price always remains the same. Whether your company receives 10,000 minutes or 10 Million minutes of calls, your monthly cost does not change.

Our Flat-Rate, Flat-Fee business model will save your company hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year. CallnFax does not use “fair use policies” or any other fine print methods to limit use or insert additional charges. Our services are all “business forward”, and designed to maximize your profits. Our DID’s are scalable from 2-1000 channels and more in many markets. Our infrastructure is designed to eliminate networking bottlenecks that can occur across international connectivity and ensure crystal-clear calls even in the most challenging environments. As a “service”, CallnFax expects to deliver the same, or better reliability that traditional telephone service delivers, but at a much better price, and with much better service.

CallnFax offers the widest selection of Toll-Free services, across the globe. A Toll-Free number conveys of sense of trust, reliability, and commitment to a business. Our Toll-Free services have a small per-minute fee, and come standard with 300 channels. These DID’s are designed for a busy Call Center and are scalable far beyond 300 channels.

Outbound calls or Call Termination has become a complex service, in the last few years. This is due to the unfortunate abuse of VoIP Call Termination by nefarious actors sending SPAM calls. CallnFax is dedicated to delivering every call, so we route all calls via Platinum quality routes, with full E164 Caller ID support. This means that you get the same crystal-clear calls that you expect, and full CNAM (Caller ID Name Management) that is required to obtain reliable call delivery.




Cost Effective Video Solutions

CallnFax offers a secure Video Meeting and Conferencing app with a familiar look but at a much better price. Our Video Meeting app delivers the same features that our competitors offer but at a much better price. Additionally, our video meeting app requires no downloads to maintain or crash. The CallnFax Video Meeting app doesn’t have the limitations that our competitors have, and we also don’t require any long-term commitments. In short, the CallnFax Video Meeting app is a better service, and at a better price.

Since customer care is a foundation at CallnFax, all clients are assigned a dedicated customer service representative. That means a member of Our Team gets to know Your Team. As our clients are long-term customers, we get to know your company’s needs.  By focusing on the service needs of our clients, we deliver a higher level of service than our competitors. When we say that VoIP is a service and not a product, our service encompasses the full circle from sales to the needs of our clients. Our promise is to deliver Voice and Video solutions at the Speed of Business, and our Team is committed to delivering exactly that promise.

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